Pénélope Duchaineau

23 years   /   Montréal   /   Mid-level 3D Artist  /   Looking for a new challenge

As a 3D artist, I use my technical and artistic abilities, as well as my experience in drawing to transform artistic concepts and images into appealing 3D objects, characters and environments. I am a quick learner and always ready to learn new softwares if the need comes up. During my time in the industry I was able to touch on different areas outside of my specialization, including grooming and rigging, and I am always open to trying even more.



I have the ability to smoothly transform artistic concepts into 3D models, capturing intricate details and textures to achieve a realistic or stylized look.

Hard surface

Using my more technical abilities, I can create hard surface models, aiming for optimal topology, resulting in visually appealing and technically sound digital assets.


Whether it's creating lifelike characters, detailed environments, or intricate objects, my skill in high-detail sculpting enables me to craft compelling digital creations.

Illustration and texturing

I am able to create both stylized and realistic illustrations and textures and apply them on different kinds of 3D projects, whether it be characters development, environments creation or other complex assets.